Furniture trends in 2020

The furniture trends in 2020 are related to the already known styles that bring elegance, comfort and convenience to any space. Furniture design is important for solving problems of storage and functionality in a space, without losing sight of decoration and your personality.


In this sense, knowing which are the needs that the furniture would solve to find the best design is fundamental to create a personalized and trendy style.

In 2020 in the design of furniture is a trend that the angles give prominence to the round and curved forms, because this generates an artistic and ultra modern atmosphere. Furniture with tripod-shaped legs is also incorporated, whether in coffee tables for the living room or in side tables for any reading or working space.

Below I present five trends in the furniture of 2020 that will fill you with ideas to create your own style in furniture.

The Nordic style

In the Nordic style the furniture is multifunctional, with simple lines, in which birch and pine woods are the preferred ones. Similarly, light colours, such as white, and pastel shades dominate the colour range for decorating walls, floors and furniture. In this style there is a mixture of textures and comfortable materials that bring warmth to the home and a lot of functionality to the space.

The industrial style

This style in turn brings an urban design through the combination of untreated wooden furniture, as in the walls with cement or brick without paint and the range of dark colors, with a preference for black. Also, the metal beams are uncovered or painted in metal-like colours to maintain an industrial feel.

The rustic style

In the design of rustic furniture, local customs are taken into consideration, as they are a main feature to create warm and welcoming environments. The rustic decoration preserves the style of a country house through the combination of a main material such as wood with light colours in large surfaces and vibrant coloured items. There is a decorative predisposition for the use of plants, and natural fibres and fabrics to project relaxed environments.

The vintage style


The decoration in this style is mainly inspired by the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The versatility of this decorative style combines perfectly with the industrial, rustic and Nordic style, among others. It is characterized by the fact that the furniture belongs to the above mentioned periods or simply because it is new furniture but with a retro design, that is to say, it has curved or rounded shapes. To make a recent piece of furniture look vintage you can put a patina that gives the antique effect.

The modern style

Modern furniture is inspired by designs with basic and straight lines, in sober colours that create elegant and simple environments. In this style the decoration avoids falling into the saturation of objects and colors to maintain the visual cleanliness of the spaces. In addition, the dominant trend is to add first generation technology creating functional and intelligent homes.

Now you can choose a trend to start combining styles and make your own selection of furniture to customize your spaces. Among these alternatives, you can also opt for made-to-measure furniture, a trend that is increasingly in demand by interior designers.

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The best trend for 2020 is to express your taste by combining decorative styles to create personalized spaces!

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