Renovate your kitchen without dying in the attempt

A high quality kitchen is like a good relationship, that is, you have to do something to make it look good and hold together for years to come.

Perhaps this is more complicated in a relationship, because a kitchen can be remodeled to keep it shiny and to suit the owner’s taste.

Those who invest in a first-class kitchen from the start will live with it on average between 15 and 20 years.

Even with the best model, this period of time does not pass without a trace. The passing years will produce minor imperfections, scratches, cracks and unsightly stains.

Depending on whether you only want to eliminate small defects when renovating the kitchen or if you want to change the style, you will choose to replace fronts, countertops, appliances or handles.

It is important when renovating the kitchen to seek advice from experts and craftsmen. A kitchen designer can help you not only with the planning, but also with the expansion or renovation.

Many kitchen studios specialize in old buildings or architectural interior fittings and can show you ways to make your kitchen look in a whole new light.

The main question here is why renovate your kitchen? You should think about the effort and impact beforehand. We’ve put together a couple of tips for you, from small flaws that can be fixed quickly to major changes.

New fronts

Manufacturers often change colors and surfaces over time, but maintain the basic structure of their models. That makes it easy to swap out after years.

Replacing kitchen fronts is like a complete overhaul. The fronts are the main facade, as they are used to clad the kitchen island.

Therefore, color and texture catch the eye first and dominate the appearance of the space to be worked on.

If you want to renovate because you no longer like the style you previously selected or because the corners have already peeled away from the material, you can renew the effect of old kitchen cabinets with new fronts relatively quickly.

The background to this is that most integrated kitchens are made up of standardized components.

A single body or kitchen cabinet usually has a base area of 60x60cm, which means that the usual width of a front is also 60cm.

Caution is advised with the height, which often varies between different kitchen manufacturers.

It is therefore possible to have new fronts mounted on an older model from the same manufacturer or to have new fronts custom-made by a specialist, e.g. a joinery workshop.

While laminate and lacquered fronts need to be replaced, real wood fronts can be restored to their former luster by sanding and varnishing or glazing.

Kitchen renovation with new countertops

With a new countertop and the right accessories, you can quickly transform your kitchen into a homey industrial style.

When renovating a kitchen, countertops are not as easy to replace as the layman might expect.

On the one hand, more and more manufacturers are offering thermally deformable mineral surfaces such as corian, which are individually tailored to the preferences of the kitchen user and integrate seamlessly into the sink.

This also has to be replaced when renovating.

On the other hand, countertops are not only plugged or screwed, but, with natural stone, they are also glued with silicone, so the base units could be damaged when the countertop is separated.

Therefore, it is best to contact a professional who can replace the countertop for you, if you want to do the renovation.

New colors

If you opt for new fronts in the kitchen will have to choose a completely new color. Perhaps because after ten years the same shade in the kitchen is too much. Remember that colors not only characterize people, but also the space in this new part of the house.

Blue creates a sense of greater volume, gray brings calm, red strengthens the kitchen space and highlights it, white has a sober effect and can be presented in a comfortable and warm or purely cool with the right colors.

In order not to have to renovate the kitchen soon, at least one calm accompanying color should be selected.

Having answered the initial question: Why renovate your kitchen? We hope you will be motivated to take a look at our entire wide range of products.

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