4 basic furniture to have in your new kitchen

The kitchen is one of the favorite places in the house! It is the space where important moments occur, recipes and secrets are made and shared.

This space gives life to a home, including 4 basic pieces of furniture to have in your new kitchen can be a difficult task because there is a lot to choose, improve and optimize in the space. But it is possible!

Important furniture to be included in your new kitchen

When selecting furniture it is important to observe and know with certainty the space to be furnished. Cabinetmakers recommend detailing what you would like your kitchen to look like, seeing ideas and trends to facilitate expert help.

In the list of the 4 basic pieces of furniture to have in your new kitchen, those that instantly improve the aspect, providing more functionality in the space, stand out.

Spacious cabinets

The ample space helps to maximize and maintain order in storage. Drawers or cabinets should be selected carefully.

There are cabinets that have special compartments, which will allow you to have your kitchen items separated and stored properly. These include high drawers or cabinets with a length in square centimeters, which allows the creation of internal divisions to save space.

In terms of size and quantity, cabinetmakers recommend checking the space so that your kitchen can be equipped in the best way possible, without overcrowding or leaving gaps. The material they are made of is also very important for their durability.


It is the ideal piece of furniture for storing or storing food and groceries in the kitchen. The factors you should take into account are the size, and determine the correct space within the kitchen.

Size is important in order to achieve the amount of food you need to store. An excellent option is to extend the pantry to the floor or horizontally, so space problems will never arise.

Placing the pantry in the correct space will avoid problems with expiration, among others. If it is placed in damp spaces the material can deteriorate, and the food loses durability and original flavour.

Crystallized display case

Storing dishes in display cabinets that allow clear observation of the item makes it easier to find them when using them. But it also makes the kitchen more stylish and elegant.

Select the glass included in the showcase properly, durability depends on it. Fragility requires greater care, but brings simplicity to the use of the furniture. Minimalism produces greater harmony in design.

It is advisable to opt for a display case in the shape of a column, so that access to it is not a problem.

Breakfast bar

This piece of furniture provides a diversity of occupations, it can be a space for sharing, like a support station for the culinary process.

Including a breakfast bar in the 4 basic pieces of furniture to have in your new kitchen will allow you to complete the space with a useful piece of furniture, which brings visibility and good taste to the internal design.

For your selection take into account the space of the furniture to be integrated, and designate an appropriate amplitude so as not to intervene in the dimension of the kitchen. The material must be resistant and easy to clean. No one wants chaos in the kitchen.

Including in the list of the 4 basic pieces of furniture to have in your new kitchen functional and durable furniture, will allow you to optimize the use of them in your home.

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