Kitchen renovation: the best of Montreal’s south coast

Are you looking for innovation and a modern touch in your kitchen? Do you want to radically change the style of your cabinet, according to your needs and tastes? If your answers are yes, you are in the right place.

Kitchen renovation is a delicate and exciting matter, from choosing the colors, the equipment, the materials, the designs and so on. However, it can also be a headache, if the installation turns out to be bad and unsightly, or if you don’t feel satisfied with the final product.

Therefore, leave your visions and dreams in the hands of professionals. At Jose Melo Enterprises Inc. the best experts in interior design, renovation, expansion and construction for bathrooms and kitchens on the South Coast of Montreal, we give you some tips for your kitchen renovation.

Previous considerations

Before starting any repair or installation, you should have clear in your mind what you want in your kitchen, how you want it to look and how functional it will be according to your space and the needs of your home. In these cases, you can take advice from our team, ready to listen and advise you.

You need inspiration to decide the future look of your kitchen, and you can take many ideas from magazines or our design catalogs. Kitchen trends change from time to time. However, you can always choose the design you like best, whether it’s classic, elegant or modern.

Also try to make the cabinets accessible, to adapt them to your convenience and organization. Also, remember that the kitchen is not only for working and cooking, but for having fun! Be creative and project your desires, so that you and your family feel comfortable in that space.

Even a future kitchen remodel can make a big difference when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Tips for Kitchen Renovation

With those considerations in mind, let’s take a look at some general tips to remodel your kitchen and avoid common mistakes. Reflecting on these issues will make the renovation process enjoyable and relaxed, so that you invest your money and time well in something worthwhile.

Measure your kitchen

Knowing the size of your kitchen will make your renovation plans much easier. This will allow you to maximize the available space in your area when designing and installing the new equipment. You should also take into account the traffic in your kitchen and the number of people using it.

By being aware of the measurements, you can estimate which items can or cannot be included, such as a kitchen island, bench, dishwasher, electric, cabinets and other accessories.

 Manage space and functions

When you know the size of your kitchen, you can define how to manage the space according to the functions and uses to which you and your family are accustomed. This will make the kitchen comfortable to live in and prevent other functions, such as cooking or washing, from getting in the way at the same time.

Optimize storage

When planning the new design of your kitchen, maximize the storage capacity in new places, storages, organizers and cabinets, to keep all the elements of the kitchen tidy. From pots and pans to cutlery and spices, everything should be stored well.

Also, make sure that no space, no matter how small, goes unused. Even the containers themselves can be decorative components to protect the essentials of your space.

Define your working triangle

The working triangle is a very good conceptual idea for the design of your kitchen. You should delimit the space for the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. In this way, you will be able to organize the kitchen according to the main activities, so that its use is efficient.

Calculate a reasonable budget

There is no doubt that the renovation of your kitchen will involve a significant expense. That’s why you should plan your budget well, to avoid going out of pocket. Look for comfortable prices for the materials and let the professionals advise you. Also include in your budget unexpected expenses that may arise in the process.

Use existing plumbing

Renovating your kitchen can be easier if you don’t change your current plumbing system. Many times, renewing plumbing can be the most expensive part of the process. However, with the consultation of an expert, you can evaluate whether or not it is pertinent to reuse your kitchen plumbing system.

If that’s the case, good for you! It will be one less investment. Sometimes it can happen that only some parts of the plumbing need to be changed, or require a total replacement. In any case, do what is convenient for your kitchen renovation.

Guide yourself through the samples before choosing and buying

Before investing in any aesthetic element, you should review all the samples and catalogs on the design, color palette, materials, decorations and accessories, to define the final style that you will give to your kitchen.

You must select from the samples the elements you like the most, and you can also consider the recommendations of professionals. The use of samples will help you visualize what color combinations and designs will work best in your kitchen.

Take advice from the experts and don’t lose sight of the whole

To culminate this series of tips, always get advice from professionals in design and remodeling of interior spaces. Express all your doubts, concerns, requests and visions, so that they understand what you want and what you need.

And even if you are the “do it yourself” type, always consider the recommendations of the experts. They can help refine your renovation plan and give you suggestions for changes that can improve your space. In any case, you have the last word.

Finally, don’t lose sight of the overall picture of your kitchen renovation. You need to appreciate that all elements (from the floor, to the cabinets, to the colors, to the furniture, to the appliances and accessories) are integrated in an absolute way, to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

With these useful tips and recommendations, we guarantee the success of your kitchen renovation. We also advise you to look for professionals like us, to help you with this exciting process.

At José Melo Enterprises Inc. we have a wide range of design, renovation and manufacturing services and products for kitchens, bathrooms and furniture. If you want to remodel your kitchen space, we are the right people to guide you.

Our team guarantees total quality in our services, from the first visit to your home, to the final delivery of the project, including the choice of materials and the renovation plan.

We combine traditional practices and technology, creating beautiful and outstanding designs for your home or business. We have more than 20 years of experience, thanks to our designers and cabinetmakers who offer quality products, with the highest standards in the industry.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are the best in terms of installation of custom kitchen cabinets, on the South Coast of Montreal. You can find us at 31 chemin du Tremblay local 104, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, J4B 7L6. We will be happy to assist you!

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